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Oh, I didn't see you there...
Sure, Isis, you totally weren't expecting Erin to walk into her own room. Again.

Recoloured Marceline line art by :iconyureilia: (Apologies for removing Princess Bubblegum from the upper right corner.) -lines

:faint: Holy Hera, I actually finished it!
Lines belong to Yureilia, but the OC depicted is mine.


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5 / 5,000
I kinda, sorta, maybe--okay, really want to get a commission of Sara and Hoshiko (Amity and Apollyon) together in either their "Princess" or Civilian forms. I'm not sure who I'll commission, but it's either points or starting a fundraiser with my paypal. Now, which would you rather donate to, hmm?

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Ten Question Meme

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 27, 2014, 3:54 PM
  • Reading: Dance with Dragons
Oy! =P :icongabistar: totally tagged me in a ten question meme. Naughty girl!
She didn't post rules but here's the gist of it: Answer the tagger's ten questions, then CREATE ten questions of your own for the next people. You don't have to be tagged to be able to play the game.

My ten questions:
1. First OC? We're talking as far back as you can remember, where you can remember either the name or the gist of their back story. (I can't remember the name, but I had this girl in my head when I was little who was friends with Selina Kyle in the 90s Batman cartoon. She was in love with the idea of Catwoman, but she had no idea Selina was Catwoman.)
2. What's your biggest pet-related pet peeve?
3. If you had to spend the rest of your life with your skin permanently changed to some non humanoid colour, what colour would you be?
4. If you could bring back any era of fashion that everyone everywhere would have to wear for another decade, which one would you choose and why?
5. What is one thing you would change about current-day music? (Example, bring back the stylings of, say, Journey.)
6. Favourite make and model of car?
7. What is one non-physical thing you'd like to change about yourself?
8. Describe yourself using only a Michael Jackson song.
9. Take your favourite cartoon growing up and write up a quick plot for a reboot and a short cast list.
10. Road trip!  Create a list of up to 20 songs that you would be willing to listen to while traveling across the country.  Remember, these songs would be on repeat for the ENTIRE trip. And the skip function is broken.

My answers to her questions:
1. What is your favorite western animated series? Animated movie?
(I originally read that as first, oh boy.) It's a tie between the 90s X-Men and Batman series.  I have always felt a connection to the X-Men franchise, and I loved the noir feel of the 90s Batman series (dat theme + Mark Hamill Joker voice).
As far as a movie The Little Mermaid. *hides* Didn't care about Ariel's very unhealthy pursuit of Prince Eric.  I was in LOVE with Ariel.  She's the reason I like redheads and mermaids.  Also, HELLO URSULA. She scared me as a kid originally (not in the nightmare sense, but in the "holy cow she's intimidating" sense), but how can you not sing "Poor Unfortunate Souls" for hours on end?

2. If you had to integrate into a foreign culture for one year, where would you go, and why?
Crap. Uh. I'm really bad at speaking languages, so I'd be screwed that entire year. How foreign are we talking? If I can get away with an English speaking country, I'd go to Scotland.  I'm very likely distantly related to every Wilson in Scotland. I want to spend time in Cupar (a burgh of Fife, Scotland), and try to find out my family's connection to the place.
Non English speaking? The weeaboo in me wants to go to Japan, but Gaijin Goomba's personal stories changed my mind on that. Maybe Norway.  You can get a Tesla super cheap there because they want to reduce their carbon footprint so badly.

3. If you were to time-travel backwards to any period of time for one week as a bystander, when and where would you go? Who or what would you hope to witness?
Wembley Stadium, during the week of July 13, 1985 (successfully avoiding my infant self XD).  I want to not only experience the concert itself, but I want to be a physical part of the Queen performance (have you HEARD the refrains Freddie lead during that set? omg).

4. If you could ride any creature into battle as your mount, what would it be?
Either a giant panther or a direwolf.

5. If you were given one wish under the constraint that it could not directly benefit you or anyone you personally know, what would your wish be?
Do you realize how badly I would wish for someone to figure out how to replicate the delta 32 mutation and cure HIV/AIDS? I knew a couple of people in the past who were positive, but I don't even know their status, now.

6. If you could match any two figures, be they historical, contemporary or fictional, against one another in a cage fight, who would you choose? Who would win?
Isis vs Hitler. You can guess the winner. ~_^

7. In the past week, what was the most interesting encounter you've had with a stranger?
I don't get out of the house, so the closest would be the conversation that resulted in added someone to my FB AND my BattleNet.

8. Every word you speak, every sentence, every utterance for the rest of your life is in tune to one specific song. What song would you be stuck with?
Sweet Transvestite. Dancing included.

9. What is your biggest pet peeve with the creation of your or other's OCs, such as overused tropes and cliches? How do you avoid said issue?
Star this (that don't follow the Starlight naming pattern), Moon that, Sol/Sun/Earth (that doesn't cancel out the existence of Mamoru or Usagi in the process).  Or things that clearly don't sound like they were ever planets in that person's headcanon. At the very least, I turned mine into planets to fit. Zodiacs or constellations that don't have any sort of planet created to at least fit into the overall theme of Sailor Moon. Overpowered characters. I have a couple that fall into this, but I gave them problems WITH those powers that make it so that they can't just blink someone out of existence without serious consequences.

10. Write a haiku about any one of my OCs.
Sailor Messier One
Carry this soul in your womb
Eternal Mother

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:iconrev-erie: :iconkuroinusama69: :iconpuppetcancer: :iconunconventionalsenshi: :iconazure-and-copper:
I'd tag more, but I follow too many well-known artists or people I know are too busy or don't get on anymore.


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